Emperor’s Rio aka Rio

MFTHBA Registration Number: 00-64490 – Date Foaled:04/02/2000
Sex: Gelding – Paper: Blue DNA Tested, Color: Champagne – Markings: None
The color on this horse was registered by the original breeder and has not been color tested. He is now a gelding.
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Emperor’s Rio a.k.a. Rio sired 6 foals for Brandreth Farms before he was gelded. He sired “Rio’s Cloudd Moon“, “Rio’s River Fox” and “Odette’s Diamond Rio” “JB’s Midas Touch“, “Dixie’s Golden Princess” and “Rio’s Black Lace“. Rio is very calm and has one of the best disposition in the world. He is a gentle soul with a quiet mind. Before Rio was gelded he was good with other horses not pushy or dominant. He was handled as a stud daily .. Groomed, exercised and loved .. during breeding he was a gentle breeder and showed no signs of being aggressive. They say it takes a great stallion to make an exceptional gelding and he is a GREAT gelding. We had purchased some of his foals before we were able to purchase Rio in 2010. We are confident when the time comes to breed his offspring that his great disposition and gentle mind will be passed along to his offspring. Rio is a great trail horse.