Rio’s River Fox aka Foxy

MFTHBA Registration Number: 06-90719 – Date Foaled:06/08/2006 – Sex: Mare
Paper: Brown – DNA Tested – Markings: Narrow star and stripe.
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Sired by Rio, Foxy a beautiful Chestnut mare is Samantha’s trail horse. Foxy’s gentle trail gait, kind eye and steady calm attitude make her a joy to ride in any situation. Foxy is particularly mindful of her feet– she must have some mule in her as she is always aware of the terrain and of where her feet are- she is not afraid to go anywhere but when she stops and says no you had better listen to her- she has a reason.

Foxy is gentle and kind with a little “attitude” tossed in for good measure — that attitude gives her strength of mind and the calmness that comes with it. She likes to go new places and explore new trails- maybe there’s a Search and Rescue Horse in her and Samantha’s future.