Sundust’s Odette aka Odette-

 Odette is a well seasoned trail horse with excellent ground manners –

MFTHBA Registration Number: 03-80568 – Date Foaled:07/20/2003 Sex: Mare Paper: Brown DNA Tested – Color: Black – Markings: None.
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Odette is the “Boss mare” at the farm. With her easy going but commanding disposition she welds a gentle but firm control wherever she is. She would be the 2nd horse that would make that mystical trip to Chicago (674 miles from the farm) with Scooter and I. Big, strong, a settled mind and strong body she carries herself with an “old soul” – wise far beyond her years.

It takes patience to be a good leader and Odette is full of patience- and kindness and from that she gathers her strength. Odette has had 1 foal Odette’s Diamond Rio whose good fortune was to inherit his mothers kind eye-steady mind and sense of purpose. Our mares only breed once every three years so when the time is right she is ready. We don’t have “Broodmares” at Brandreth Farms- we have riding stock that take some time off to foal.