Stardust Brownie aka Scooter

MFTHBA Registration Number: 01-70740 – Date Foaled:03/27/2001 – Sex: Stallion Paper: Blue – Color: Bay – Markings: Snip on upper lip; left rear sock; right rear coronet.
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If I had to ride to Chicago (674 miles from the farm) tomorrow Scooter would be my ride. Go anywhere do anything, an active mind and body combined with a quiet willing disposition, my kind of horse. He has roped, worked barrels, shown in the Versatility arena in Ava – shown at open gaited FOSH shows in several states and carried me and others on hundreds of miles of beautiful North Georgia trails.

We don’t have any cattle here at Brandreth Farms so we work the Guinea Hens for fun. If you’ve never worked 35+ Guineas in the tall grass when you can’t see them but you –and the horse- hear them and see the grass moving it’s a real treat.

When we can find time mounted shooting is on the agenda for us.