Legendary Bar Dancer aka Frisco

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What Frisco’s new Owner, Kerry has to say:
“Frisco –

I’ve been looking for an experienced, well –trained western pleasure, trail, and ranch horse for some time. A horse I would just be able to hop on and go for a ride. One I didn’t have to ride 3-4 days a week to keep them in work mode and on their best behavior. I say this because I have a 5-year old Quarter Horse mare who I love with all of my heart, but she is still ‘in training’ somewhat, and she’s not to the point where she can go without being ridden all week and then hop on to hit the trails or an obstacle challenge.

I practice Parelli and Clinton Anderson type methods and understand my mare only needs more time to get to where she needs to be. If I didn’t work full time, she would definitely be further along.

When I met Frisco, and rode his wonderful lope, I knew he was the more experienced horse I was looking for! He has such a laid back personality, is very respectful of your space, and knows how to do many of the Parelli games even though he wasn’t necessarily trained with Parelli methods that I’m aware of. He is so very smart and loves his human partnership; you can tell he has been well taken care of his entire life.

I’m very pleased with him and I can’t wait to get to know him better. Each day more of his personality shines through as he becomes more settled in his new home with me and his new herd mates. I couldn’t be any happier with him. He will have a forever home with me. …………….Kerry”