Silver Horseshoes


Silver Horseshoes


Let us know what you think of our website.   We have gaited and non-gaited horses.   If you’re traveling our way stop off and rest awhile.

Dear John,

Horse TrailerBrandreth Farms is definitely one of our favorite stop over places for us and our 4 horses. We are getting concerned about our age and the distance we have to drive from our Florida home in the Lady Lake area and our summer home near La Crosse, WI as the 1475 miles gets a little too much for us. So it is our plan to spend a couple nights with your on our way to and from our FL home. Your facilities are fantastic and we are looking forward to riding around and getting some saddle time on our way back and forth. We are looking at the 22nd of October as departure date from our family in Chicago-land and that would put us there 22nd.

The fences and grass pasture was exactly what we needed coming from FL pasture the guest house was perfect with such a great country feeling. We were right at home! We enjoyed the views and watching the training of the beautiful horses. The trip to town was great and the Mexican dinner was perfect to finish off a great day. We definitely want to return and enjoy the warm reception and facilities.

If the horses could vote they would sure vote to stay at Brandreth Farms. I think they liked watching other horses work out.

Thanks again for the personal touches, and the warm welcome, it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your fantastic home and facility.

Jack and Merle Peterson

May God bless you all with freedoms, safety, good health, happiness and a good sense of humor…… Amen

Wow, where to start? We had such a fabulous time at your farm. The guest house was perfect. We shared the house with friends and never got in each others way. I knew I would love it when I stepped out on the porch in the morning and was greeted by the mares in the pasture next to the front porch. We didn’t worry about missing our dogs. From Bear to Miss B, there was plenty of canine company to go around.

I was kind of nervous because I hadn’t ridden since my hip surgery. Those fears were quickly put to rest when John introduced me to Foxy. She was perfect and took great care of me as we rode along the trails. I took so many pictures to share on my Facebook page and loved the comments I received back from everyone at home. “Where are you? It’s beautiful there!!”

The next day my husband, who only rides when on vacation, was paired up with Scooter for a ride around the farm. An hour later and we had barely scratched the surface of the pastures, winding trails and lush grasses. Once again, I was incredibly impressed at the care Scooter gave his rider.

I could go on but the bottom lines is that John, Sam and Izzy are fabulous hosts and their farm shines with the love they have for their horses. I can’t wait to go back!

Cheers to an amazing future! ……Betsey

Brandreth Farms cabin is a wonderful place to get away from everyday reality. We went exploring in Blue Ridge and fishing at Carter’s Lake. We woke up to beautiful sunrises each morning and were warm and cozy by the fire each night. All the animals around the farm were a joy to be near and see running around. We plan on coming back in the spring.

Georgia and Family