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Brandreth Farms
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Canton, GA 30169
United States

Phone: 678-848-8830

In Loving Memory

In Memory of Our Friend and Trainer, Sam Helms

See more about Sam Helms and Charles on his Memory Page

Bud Blankenship helped us from the time we met him and he never once left us!
His knowledge of the breed was pure amazing and he taught us and trained us to know the best of the best in the Trotter world! Bud was our family and friend.

Bud was a world of generations of knowledge to the Missouri Fox-Trotting Breed! It’s a Great loss not only to Brandreth Farms but also to the Fox -Trotter world Friends and Family. Bud was a loving husband to his beautiful wife Tori, but he was also a true Cowboy of knowledge!

Brandreth Farms will forever be grateful to have been a part of Buds World of knowledge and friendship but most of all he claimed us as Family! God Gained a Cowboy and we gained thru the years a friend a family member and a world of knowledge!

God Bless this Cowboy as we will forever be Grateful. Love you Bud and we loved you and respected your honesty always!

GODS SPEED! We will meet you again in the pastures!
Bud Blankenship Bud Blankenship

Below are Our Horses that have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Click on their images to find out more.

mainimage3chester Koskot’s Chester Good
aka Chester
“I’ll Ride you again one Day ….. Love Samantha”

JB's Raising the Bar JB’s Raising the Bar
aka Bar

Stardust Brownie Stardust Brownie
aka Scooter

Rio's River Fox Rio’s River Fox
aka Foxy

Emperor's Rio Emperor’s Rio
aka Rio